Sheila Reavill, EMRS

Augusta, Georgia

Sheila has provisional Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist certification from the Building Biology Institute. Along with the training and skills obtained from this certification, she also has 21 years of public education experience as a certificated classroom teacher. Her main goals
are to educate as well as measure and assess EMF exposure risks of homes and buildings. She feels clients need to understand, crystal clear, what is in their homes.

She has experience navigating the working world as someone with EHS. For five years, she was allowed to teach without a WiFi access point in her classroom, and today she is willing to share her knowledge about finding ways to work around unhealthy situations both in living
situations at home and work. She can find hidden sources of RF pollution and find ways to remediate it. She uses professional and calibrated meters that measure low and high frequency electric fields, magnetic fields, and radio frequency fields.

Services Offered:

  • Home Assessment Consultation
  • Phone Consultation
  • Pre-purchase Home EMF Inspection
  • Low EMF Home Design
  • Create a Sleep Sanctuary
(706) 925-0642