Stephanie Sage Kerst, EMRS

Menlo Park, California

Are you curious about how to reduce exposure to man-made EMFs at home?

Are you a parent concerned about wireless radiation exposure for your children at school?

Are you a prospective home buyer or renter who would like to measure EMF before selecting a home?

In 2016, with her children entering school age, Stephanie realized that she had concerns about the EMF effects on her children at school and at home, given the increase in usage of tablets, laptops, and other wireless devices. After reading the available scientific studies, she quickly realized that there was a gap in public knowledge of this risk. This challenge led to the founding of Sage Living.

Sage Living started as an online community dedicated to increasing awareness of EMF effects on health by sharing access to the latest scientific studies and offering creative and workable solutions for those who wish to reduce their exposure to EMF.  Through development of this community, Stephanie has engaged with homeowners throughout California and New Mexico, as well as several school districts in California, assisting clients in identifying, assessing and mitigating four types of EMF: AC electric fields, AC magnetic fields, radio frequency radiation and dirty electricity in their home, office or school environments.  She focuses her engagements in finding a win/win solution to enabling usage of new technology platforms, while minimizing the risk of EMF exposure within those environments.

Phone: 650-800-7164