Valentina Cereda, EMRS

Middle East/Europe

Valentina Cereda is a health and well-being architect, building biologist, EMF specialist, feng shui consultants, land energy dowser, vice-chair of the Wellness Architecture and Design Initiative at the Global Wellness Institute, Professor at Marangoni University, teaching  interior design for health.

As she started her career as an architect, she realized that conventional design and construction practices are degenerative as they work against nature and health. This led her to travel the world to study different sciences that would support her health design practice Energy & Space to become more conscious, healthy, respectful and connected to the Earth healing energies, to help her clients create spaces that resonate with the spiritual dimension and are free of toxic frequencies.

Valentina is based in Dubai, however she offers in person and online consultations throughout the Middle East and Europe. She enjoys traveling and she is on a mission to create awareness about the effects the built environment have on our health and wellbeing.

Using Nature as her guiding compass, Valentina helps people and companies to transform and create physical environments that allow you to live in alignment, be healthier, happier and supportive of your healing journey.

Energy & Space offers conscious interior design services, wellness architecture and design advisory, environmental audits, and workshops.

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Valentina Cereda
Middle East & Europe