Manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of EMF/EMR products

ElectraHealth.com is a premier manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of EMF/EMR products, and consulting service provider.  Its mission adopted by the ElectraHealth team on May 21, 2018 is:

To continually advance healthier electricity and electronics with innovative and proven products, services, and information, empowering and engaging one another for a naturally healthy planet and people.

Many unique and inventive products are exclusive to ElectraHealth.com, some of which were inspired at IBE’s Electromagnetics seminars.  Shielded cables and cords, grounding cords and adapters, and shielded surge suppressors (power strips) are among the carefully-designed, vetted, and tested products offered only here.

ElectraHealth was started by Shaun Kranish, a leader in electromagnetic fields and radiation and IBE volunteer staff member.  Originally started as a healthy living website, ElectraHealth has evolved into one of the busiest websites in EMF/EMR products and services.  Shaun’s voyage into EMF/EMR began in 2008 after having his own health issues relating to exposure, and Shaun has worked closely with Dave Stetzer since.

ElectraHealth is a holistic company from integrity, health, environmental, and social responsibility standpoints.  They are proud to recycle, re-use, donate, and volunteer.  Read more about this here.

Phone: 815-986-7974 or toll free 1-888-480-7759

ElectraHealth currently gives a percentage of all sales from all sources to IBE to help advance knowledge and understanding in healthy buildings, communities, and the environment.