Safe Living Technologies

EMF testing and shielding equipment

Products: EMF Meters, RF Meters,  Gauss Meters, Electromagnetic Field Detectors, AC Electric Field Meters, AC Magnetic Field Meters, RF Shielding Fabric, Demand Switches, Bed Canopies, RF Shielding Fabric, Body Voltage Kits, EMF Detectors, EMR Detection Kits, RF Shielding Paint, RF Shielding Window Film, Shielded Power Cords and more…

Our goal at Safe Living Technologies “SLT” is to provide knowledge and technology to allow for informed decisions to be made concerning residential and commercial environments with regard to Electromagnetic Field “EMF” and Radio Frequency “RF” Exposures.

We believe in and stand behind our entire product line. We carefully select all products and equipment based on Building Biology Guidelines, technical criteria, practical application and price point. You can be assured we have verified the effectiveness of each and every product before it leaves our facility.

Safe Living Technologies was founded by Electronic Engineering Technologist Rob Metzinger in 2006. Rob is also a certified Building Biologist, BBEC and considered one of North America’s top EMF experts. He is also a technical instructor at IBE and educates people how to measure the various components of Electromagnetic Radiation in Electromagnetic Radiation 212 & Advanced Electromagnetic Radiation 312.