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There’s a reason why many Building Biologists refer clients to Tech Wellness for product solutions and consumer-friendly educational information.

I’m August Brice and I began my Tech Wellness journey over 25 years ago when I developed Electromagnetic Sensitivity. ES led me to 25 years of research and discovery, unlocking the key to health and wellness, safety and security.  Because my first career was as an investigative journalist, I naturally sought out the best, most trustworthy experts to collaborate.  We have a Board of Advisors who keep us up to date on the latest developments and make sure we are only taking positions and offering product solutions that align with the latest and best thinking in the industry.

Online, there is so much misinformation in our space right now.  Some of it is downright crazy in fact.  Sadly, there are bad (or informed)actors out there who are willing to promote products of questionable value to people who are desperately trying to do the right thing for themselves and their families. Because they can’t see EMF’s and most people don’t feel them, the door is wide open to unscrupulous “experts” who prey on people’s fears.

I am positive that you see this as much as I do—I truly believe it’s up to us to work together to protect the consumers who come to us in their time of need.

Our primary goal at Tech Wellness is to provide trusted information, solutions and products.  We vet all major articles through our Experts and we purchase and demonstrate every solution we offer on the site.  And if a product doesn’t make the grade, we let people know.

We invite you to explore and use the hundreds of articles and videos as a free resource to help guide your clients. We are also proud to support the work of the Building Biologists through our Find A Consultant page and our affiliate program so your business can thrive and more people can benefit from your expertise.

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