EMF Medical Conference 2021

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The EMF Medical Conference 2021 is scheduled from January 28-31, 2021. First held in 2019, this virtual conference brings together leading physicians, clinicians, and scientists for a series of presentations on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of EMF associated illness. Experts in EMF assessment will present proven methods that can prevent/limit EMF exposure hazards.

Watch the conference trailer on Vimeo – Click!

As sponsors of the first conference in 2019, the Building Biology Institute is a conference partner this year, and will have a booth in the virtual exhibition hall.

According to conference organizers, “EMFMC 2021 aims to equip healthcare professionals with the information and skills needed to: 1) Answer mounting patient questions about the effects of wireless signals and electricity, 2) Advocate for patients who have been harmed, and 3) Address the growing public health crisis caused by a new generation of wireless technologies being unilaterally deployed without premarket safety testing.”

Over 30 presenters represent a virtual Who’s Who of the growing EMF-awareness movement, and include noted luminaries such as Dr. Devra Davis, PhD, MPA, founder of the Environmental Health Trust, Sharon Goldberg, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Community Faculty, University of New Mexico, and a BBI EMR alumni, and Peter Sierck, CIEC, REA, EMRS, RFSO, Industrial Hygienist/Baubiologist – Environmental Testing & Technology, Inc., and member of the BBI Advisory Board. You can check out the extraordinary list of presenters here.

While the conference is recommended for those who work directly in the medical field, building biologists will also find it valuable, and certified BBI graduates can earn up to 16.5 hours of CEUs for attending.

At the 2019 conference, Dr. Devra Davis asked all of the building biologists in the room to stand up, then addressed the doctors in the audience, stating these are the people they should partner with. While the doctors are addressing a patient’s medical needs, the building biologist can address environmental contributors to illness in the home. She stated this partnership should be the new paradigm in treating cases of electrohypersentitivity and other environmental illnesses from the man-made environment.

As a proud sponsor of this event, BBI’s students and graduates will receive a 15% discount on regular or late registration prices by using code BBI15. As a conference participant, you will enjoy full access to:

  • 4 days of learning
  • 34 lectures
  • 6 panel discussions
  • EMF Meter Workshop
  • Interactive format during which to meet fellow attendees
  • An interactive exhibit hall providing tools to enhance your practice

For more information, including a complete schedule, or to sign up for this event, please visit the EMF Medical Conference 2021 website.