Electromagnetic Radiation Seminar

Our Institute’s Seminar Staff is Growing

Mitch Marchand, B.Sc., EE, EMRS

Mitch Marchand will be co-instructing our Advanced Electromagnetic Radiation Seminar, IBE 312, beginning in 2020, with longtime IBE 312 co-instructors Larry Gust and Rob Metzinger. And this inner circle of three are already at work updating our IBE 312 manual and PowerPoint.

Mitch is an EMF consultant with a background in Electrical Engineering who helps people use their technology in a healthier way. Previously as an Electrical Engineer, Mitch programmed computers that controlled power plants in Canada and the US for 9 years.  Now as an EMF consultant, certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist and Founder of EMF Aware, Mitch has explored the wireless technology and electrical environment of hundreds of homes and businesses since 2011.

As featured lecturer Mitch has spoken in medical clinics, to special interest groups, and the general public on the topic of EMF exposures from wireless technology and electricity. But, most importantly, Mitch is the chief cook and dishwasher for his wife and young son in Calgary, Canada. To contact Mitch, please visit emfaware.ca