Subtle Energy Devices Factsheet

Chips, Pendants, Harmonizers

Subtle energy devices are defined for the purpose of this position statement as chips, pendants, harmonizers and the like that claim to mitigate the reaction of a human being to man-made electromagnetic radiation (EMR), but do not alter the readings shown on meters designed to measure the type of radiation in question.

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We are concerned about the possibility that with long term experience these devices turn out to mask growing physical problem or grow less effective over time.

We are willing to allow that the improvements reported by people who use these chips may have a basis in fact, as indicated by such evidence as reduced clumping of red blood cells in live blood cell analysis, reduced tissue heating in thermography, and reduced DNA damage in rats.

If the results are true, then there must be a biological basis for these changes. The limited research, coupled with thousands of testimonials support the idea that there is some efficacy to some of these devices. Yet, such devices, if they work, seem to elicit different responses from different people. Some people seem to be helped, some are not helped. The reasons for this are unknown. However, since some people are helped by some devices, we support their use under certain conditions.

The conditions for use:

  1. Do not use subtle energy devices as a sole means of protection, or even as your first line of protection.
  2. Use them as supplemental protection against electromagnetic radiation in situations where it cannot be avoided.
  3. Use them as an adjunct to EMF reduction/elimination strategies in your living and work spaces, particularly for people with electrical sensitivity.
  4. Put into practice methods that will eliminate or reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation in spaces that you control.

Radio Frequency (RF) EMR Pollution

Follow the principles of reduced use and increase distance. Use a hands free device for your cell phone. Keep your telephone landline. Use a corded telephone and give your land line number to your friends and family and tell them to call that number first. Use your corded landline telephone to make all outgoing phone calls. Call forward your cell phone to your land-line when you are at home and shut off your cell phone or put it in airplane mode.

Don’t use a wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi or Airport). Convert your Wi-Fi into a hardwired local area network (LAN) in your home using Ethernet cables. Then disable or turn off the Wi-Fi on your router and laptop. Avoid using iPads and other tablets wirelessly. Although these devices do not have an Ethernet jack, there is a proven work-around for iPad and iPhone and a possible work-around for Android devices.

Electrical System EMR Pollution

Have your home evaluated and mitigated for Electric Fields and Magnetic Fields. It is particularly important to get the EMR from all man-made radiations including electric fields, magnetic fields and RF, evaluated and reduced where you sleep. If  excessive EMR is identified you may need to fix wiring errors clear current on the grounding system, including water pipes, cable TV and phone line.


These are the steps you can and should take to protect yourself by measurablyreducing the overall toxic load created by man-made EMR exposure.  This is to be done in those places you have control over, primarily, your home. Additionally, it makes sense to use subtle energy devices for the protection they offer when you are away from home and as an additional approach when you are in spaces that you control. Please don’t assume that with subtle energy devices you are fully protected.  There is no research showing long-term efficacy.  However, we know there is long term efficacy when man-made radiation is eliminated or drastically reduced.

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