Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

IBE 212/312 Make-up Labs feedback form

As you know, the recently concluded make-up labs were a massive undertaking, and the venue was new to most of you. We would be grateful for your candid feedback, which will be submitted anonymously unless you choose to include personally identifiable information.

In appreciation for taking the time to give your feedback, once you hit the “Submit” button you will be presented with a link to some free goodies provided by Mitch Marchand. They include:

  1. Video of the first blue box demo night (Kudos to Shane Reilly for the video) + Electrical Panel Audit Cheat Sheet V.6.2 (latest and greatest).
  2. Awesome video showing how the Starlink system works and exactly how beaming / phased arrays work. A must watch if you have not seen this.
  3. URLs to the four Rema 1000 funny videos (Smart House, Smart Treadmill, smart boat, and smart house with Santa).
We would like to hear your feedback on the food served at the venue. Were there enough options for you? How was the quality of the food and the dining hall accommodations?
We would like your feedback on the room accommodations. You do not need to identify which room you were in, but if you would like us to investigate specific room issues, feel free to share your room number if you're comfortable doing so.
Is there anything we can do to improve the labs? Any other feedback you would like to provide?