EcoNest Architecture, Inc.

Healthy Design & Consulting based on Building Biology
Paula Baker-Laporte FAIA is the founder of EcoNest Architecture Inc.
Our dedicated team specializes in health-enhancing and ecologically sound architectural design and consulting. Our architectural design portfolio encompasses many forms of alternative construction including light straw-clay adobe, straw-bale, pumice-crete, aerated autoclaved concrete and wood insulated concrete forms. As lead architect and as consultants for projects throughout North America and abroad we have successfully assisted many people with MCS in building healthy homes.
Paula is the primary author of the book Prescriptions for A Healthy House and Co-author with husband Robert Laporte of Econest, Creating Sustainable Homes of Clay, Straw and Timber. Paula is a BBI board member and a long-time instructor for BBI co-teaching the 213 Natural Healthy Building 5-day seminar, and the 215 Healthy Design & Community Planning 4-day seminar.
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