Physicians on a Mission

by Craig Kornick, M.D. and Ron Patel, M.D.

Wireless technology is everywhere around us and will soon become more prevalent due to the upcoming adoption of the 5G network.  Unfortunately, it is unlikely that this trend will slow down anytime soon.

Over the years, the public has been told that “cell phones and wireless devices would never be allowed if they were bad for you”.  However, the truth of the matter is that wireless radiation may not be nearly as harmless as we have been led to believe.

The World Health Organization and the International Agency for Research on Cancer have designated wireless radiation as a Class 2 B Carcinogen to show that it is “possibly carcinogenic to humans”.

In addition, numerous studies have linked wireless radiation to the development of health problems and cancer.

The harmful effects of wireless technology do not develop overnight.  However, continual exposure to wireless radiation can lead to medical illnesses that may take decades to develop.


We are board-certified physicians who recently founded 5GMDs to increase public awareness about the potential health risks associated with wireless technology.

Our passion to become physician educators on “wireless risk” began in early 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown when we started to question the safety of our children’s countless wireless devices.

Unfortunately, we were shocked to find a large number of studies that associate the use of wireless technology with the development of serious medical disorders and even cancer.  This concerning information prompted us to purchase a radiofrequency meter to measure the levels of wireless radiation in our homes.

We were astonished by the number of devices that were continuously emitting wireless radiation throughout the day in each of our homes.  We soon learned how simple modifications such as disabling a Wi-Fi router at night could significantly reduce wireless exposure.  This motivated us both to adopt simple lifestyle changes that have significantly reduced our families’ exposure to wireless radiation.

Soon later, we both enrolled in the Building Biology Institute’s comprehensive electromagnetic radiation specialist (EMRS) course.  While we have learned a great deal, we know there is still much more to tackle in this rapidly evolving field.

Simple Changes, Significant Results

We have already been able to help several very symptomatic individuals in Jacksonville by simply volunteering our time and newfound skills.  The impact on their well-being has been striking.  Being able to help foster such a dramatic transformation in people’s lives is so rewarding for us!

For example, Dr. Kornick’s neighbor who is in his mid-50s and has 3 young children had been suffering with numerous debilitating symptoms for many years.  He had been evaluated by just about every medical specialist at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville without anyone being able to determine the cause for his suffering.  His symptoms had caused him to become inactive and very depressed.

One day, the neighbor inquired about the “5GMDs shirt” that Dr. Kornick proudly wears just about everywhere he goes.  The neighbor then began to describe a textbook case of EHS.  In addition, he reported that there was only one small room in his entire home where he ever felt good.  Surprisingly, this concrete block room was the only space preserved when his old house was demolished and completely rebuilt with wood.  This is now the only concrete block room in his home.  The radiofrequency levels in this room were significantly lower than any other area of his house.

Following this discovery, we devised a mitigation strategy that significantly reduced the radiofrequency levels throughout his home.  This resulted in a profound improvement in his symptoms.  The neighbor is completely committed to do “whatever it takes” and even sold his brand-new pickup truck that was emitting extremely elevated electromagnetic levels and opted for a 20­-year old vehicle instead.

We also determined that the neighbor is very sensitive to dirty electricity.  For this reason, we recommended modifications to reduce the level of dirty electricity including: 1) replacing his variable speed pool pump with a single speed pool pump; 2) strategically placing dirty electricity filters throughout his home; and 3) turning off the bedroom electrical circuits before going to sleep.

These changes have resulted in a profound effect on his symptoms, affect and lifestyle.  He is now surfing again for the first time in many years, outside playing with his children, riding bikes with his wife, gardening and always smiling from ear to ear whenever you see him.

He is a changed man…and best of all, he is now enrolled in the Building Biology EMRS course and plans to work with us at 5GMDs as well!

Educational Awareness Is Our Priority
In our opinion, increased public awareness is the most effective method to reduce wireless exposure.

Our goal at 5GMDs is to inform open-minded people about the potential risks of wireless radiation and allow them to decide if it makes sense to adopt simple lifestyle changes to reduce their family’s exposure.

We encourage the “precautionary principle” and encourage others “to be safer rather than sorry” even if they are not completely convinced that wireless radiation can cause health problems.

Whether we like it or not, wireless technology is here to stay.  We realize that it would be futile to try and convince most people to completely abandon the use of wireless technology.   Instead, we hope to teach others how to use their wireless devices in a more health-conscious manner so that they can lead a “less-exposed lifestyle”.

Nearly all of us have been constantly bombarded with wireless radiation for many years now.  5GMDs does not intend to run a “doom and gloom” campaign that will cause people to panic and feel like they have to “fix” everything overnight.  Instead, we plan to provide concise educational information about the risks of wireless technology and how to mitigate them.  We hope this will motivate people to adopt simple lifestyle changes to reduce their wireless exposure.  Meaningful change requires patience and takes some time to achieve.

We are in the process of launching an educational website at  In addition, we plan to start filming a series of informational videos highlighting simple tips to reduce wireless exposure that will be posted on You Tube and other social media platforms.  We plan to limit our focus to only wireless radiation in the beginning of our campaign to prevent “information overload”.  In the future, we also intend to cover electric fields, magnetic fields as well as dirty electricity.

Hopefully, our medical backgrounds will help us achieve regular coverage in the news and press to help spread this timely and important information.

In addition, we are prepared to provide legal testimony whenever needed for individuals who develop illness and disability related to wireless radiation exposure.

5GMDs plans to offer on-site home and workplace evaluations throughout Florida in the very near future.  We plan to encourage our clients and their families to actively participate in the testing process to increase the educational value.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Clinics

In the future, we hope to open specialty medical clinics dedicated to treating patients with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS).  Feedback from EHS patients, electromagnetic radiation specialists and medical professionals has led us to realize that here is a growing demand for such clinics.  The use of telemedicine would allow us to offer consultations to patients throughout the United States and beyond.

Unfortunately, there are numerous obstacles associated with opening EHS clinics.  Obtaining medical malpractice insurance is probably the biggest hurdle currently standing in our way.  The treatment of EHS is not a clear-cut, well-defined medical specialty at this time and malpractice insurance will most likely be prohibitively expensive if we can obtain it at all.

We fear that the cost of malpractice insurance and other requirements could heavily outweigh the revenue we could generate performing EHS medical consultations.  We estimate that running a small, efficient clinic could cost well over $100,000 or more per year due to the need for malpractice insurance and an electronic medical record system.   Additionally, there is absolutely no guarantee that medical insurance would cover any of services related to EHS.

While accepting “cash payments” might be viewed as a potential solution, it is one we want to avoid at any cost.  EHS patients suffer tremendously, are often unable to work and have very limited disposable income.

We have decided to delay opening EHS clinics until all these obstacles are worked out and the time is just right.  That way, we will be able to focus mainly on quality care rather than our financials.

As a result, we currently offer no clinical services and are now marketing ourselves as “physician educators” until we can find a way to turn our dream of opening specialty EHS clinics into a reality.