Seminar: Electromagnetic Radiation – 2024

September 23, 2024 — September 27, 2024  |  8am—5pm

This Building Biology Institute 5-day on-site in person seminar will lead you under the expert guidance of co-instructors Larry Gust and Rob Metzinger on an exploration of all the wireless technology and electromagnetic radiation issues and toxic environmental stressors inside and outside a dwelling or commercial or public building that are harmful to human health. Join Larry, Rob, and their dedicated team of lab leaders (one lab leader for every five students to ensure you receive expert hands-on training in meter use and interpretation) at our new lakefront venue, Kanuga Retreat & Conference Center, in Hendersonville, North Carolina

This venue has been thoroughly vetted by Diana Schultz, BBEC, EMRS to ensure its buildings and its surrounds meet or exceed Building Biology standards for health-supporting environments.

Watch co-instructor Larry Gust’s lecture on magnetic field radiation sources, here below, one of several hands-on lessons you’ll learn in person, on-site during lab sessions at this seminar:

Download the syllabus: synopsis, daily schedule, logistics, etc.

Your areas of practice on your path to becoming a Certified Building Biologist will include MEP (Microsurge Electric Pollution, aka dirty electricity), magnetic field mitigation, harmonic measuring, wiring errors, data logging, E-field reduction, electrical panel auditing, radio frequency measurement, spectrum analyzers, smart meter measurement, shielding methods, and real-world case study examples. And your skills for making invisible technology toxicants visible will be broadened, deepened, and supported indefinitely by our unique apprentice program.

Required reading in advance of attending: IBE 212.1 Electromagnetic Radiation, which will be linked to your institute account upon your enrollment; and Black&Decker Advanced Home Wiring, 3rd updated edition (

We welcome and encourage enrollees from all backgrounds and education levels to attend, learn, and enjoy this 5-day electromagnetic radiation seminar. All attendees are encouraged to lodge on-site at the seminar venue. Room & board fees include a private room with private bath. All meals are made from scratch, on-site, with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available. This event is also one of three required seminar modules for completing BBEC and EMRS certification.

Please note: Kanuga Retreat & Conference Center management asks that you please book your lodging and make all meal arrangements through our institute. Should you have special lodging requests, such as a guest house or cabin with multiple bedrooms, or special dietary requests, simply contact us at

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