Seminar: Electromagnetic Radiation – 2021

October 18, 2021 — October 22, 2021  |  8:30am—5pm

IBE 212: We welcome and encourage enrollees from all backgrounds and education levels to attend, learn, and enjoy this 5-day electromagnetic radiation seminar. This event is also one of three required seminar modules for completing BBEC and EMRS certification.

This seminar is led by two co-instructors, presiding daily as a team.
(see the IBE 212 seminar syllabus here below for their bios)

Download the syllabus: synopsis, daily schedule, logistics, etc.

The required online prerequisite course for this seminar, IBE 212.1 Electromagnetic Radiation, will be linked to your institute account upon your enrollment. This course, together with Black&Decker Advanced Home Wiring, 3rd updated edition ( will walk you into the first day of this seminar fully prepared.

*Due to the Covid pandemic and associated travel restrictions, and administering an abundance of caution, the lecture portion of this seminar will be moved online, and the lab work will be deferred to a three-day workshop in Santa Fe, NM sometime early next year when travel restrictions ease. We are currently working on the specific details with our staff and instructors to ensure each student still receives personalized attention and learning for which we are known. The seminar will consist of live video sessions online, augmented by live Q & A sessions with the instructor. The sessions will be recorded and made available daily for those who miss part or all of one.


$1,525: Click here to pay (you’ll be prompted to login or to create a free IBE account)

$425: Reserve your space (you’ll be prompted to login or create a free IBE account).

IBE reserves the right to deny/rescind enrollment, whether first-time or continuing, to students it deems to present the actual or anticipated risk of being or becoming disruptive of our program presentations, and/or a distraction for our students from what they have come to us to learn and experience.