Seminar: Indoor Environmental Quality Tools Methodologies – 2025

February 1, 2025 — February 2, 2025  |  8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

This advanced 2-day seminar intensive will put professional-level tools in your hands for instructor-led experience and practice. Learn how to use the most up-to-date IEQ tools, proper calibration, how to record data, collect lab samples, and complete chain of custody forms for lab analysis. In small group settings, you and other Building Biologists will gain confidence and understanding of when, where and how to use various IEQ tools for air and water quality testing. You’ll use more than one brand of tool for many of the labs, gaining familiarity not just with each tool but with the expected outcomes of using each tool. You will understand what good and bad data looks like, how to interpret what you have collected, and discuss lab analysis reports from your sampling techniques.

Download the syllabus, synopsis, daily schedule, venue logistics, etc.

This two-day seminar includes small group labs as well as large equipment demonstrations, involving a variety of IEQ meters, tools, and samplers to give each student a broad understanding of the various aspects vital to an IEQ inspection. Your instructors will guide you through review sessions after every lab to ensure you are comfortable with what you have learned. A short final exam will be administered to confirm your grasp of the approaches needed for a tool-based IEQ inspection.

Reserve your spot today to acquire the eminent professional standing to which you aspire by submitting a fully refundable $100 USD deposit. Enrollment is strictly limited to 20 students to ensure you gain a thorough understanding of methods, practices, and interpretations.


Stephen Collette, BBEC, BBNC, LEED AP, CAHP, BSS; Cathy Cooke, BBEC, EMRS, BCHN, CRMI

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BBI reserves the right to deny/rescind enrollment, whether first-time or continuing, to students it deems to present the actual or anticipated risk of being or becoming disruptive of our program presentations, and/or a distraction for our students from what they have come to us to learn and experience.