Baby Monitors

IBE 221.11

The joy of becoming a parent can rarely be compared to any other but often comes with the  worry of well-being of the baby, especially during the moments when a parent is not able to directly supervise the newborn. This very fear inspired the creation of baby monitors. Today’s market is saturated with varieties of systems that offer baby monitoring not just audible and visual, but tracking of baby’s temperature, movement, breathing and more. However, the majority of these tools comes at a high price of exposing babies to electromagnetic radiation. Consumers are not informed of the kinds of electromagnetic fields that the infant is exposed to while the monitor is on. This course will provide you with all the information you need with which to make wise choices and provide wise suggestions.

Topics include types of monitors, connections systems (wired versus wireless), types of radiation emitted, research on health effects, how to minimize undesirable radiation.

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This course conveys 20 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Tuition: $145.00