Vetting Materials

Indoor air quality is one of the top hazards threatening human health. We spend 90% of our lives indoors, whether at home or work. Poor indoor air quality comes from four main categories of hazards: harmful chemicals, mold (and other naturally occurring hazards), byproducts of combustion, and electromagnetic radiation. The first two exposures, chemicals and mold, can be directly caused by the choices we make in construction and maintenance of buildings. Conventional construction materials commonly contain carcinogens, mutagens, immune sensitizers, and chemicals that are harmful to the human nervous and reproductive systems and the ecosystem. This course provides the vital information with which architects, builders, and consumers can learn to recognize indoor air hazards and how to avoid them.

Topics include combined exposures, sick building syndrome, building-related illness, multiple chemical sensitivity, electro-hypersensitivity, materials research, safety data sheets.

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This course conveys 15 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Tuition: $115.00