Our EMR Seminar Raised Its Attendance Bar Again

IBE 212 Hosts Its largest Class in its 30 Year History

Congratulations to our students, instructors, and support staff on completing our Electromagnetic Radiation Seminar for 2019. Five days of comprehensive lectures, hands-on meter-use and interpretation labs, and mitigation solutions about the interaction between EMR and human health. Co-instructors Larry Gust and Rob Metzinger were supported by our deeply experienced team of Lab Leaders, teaching real-world solutions to real-world exposures. Our Lab Leaders, headed by Assistant Instructor Oram Miller, were Riun Ashlie, Bill Cadwallader, Jim Finn, Sonia Hoglander, Stephanie Kerst, and Shaun Kranish.

Special thanks as always goes to Kim Faulkner and her staff at Piñon Catering for preparing three daily warm buffet meals and desserts, with plenty of options for those with special dietary needs.

Next year’s IBE 212 is already half full, and class size is strictly limited. Click the panel, below, for more information and to enroll or submit a deposit to reserve your seat.