The Booth That Spoke 10,000 Words

Our EMF Conference Juggernaut 2019

Our institute and more than twenty of our professionally certified alumni were heralded time and again by speakers at this year’s three-day EMF Conference, in Santa Cruz, California. Dr. Devra Davis captured it best when she asked our Building Biologists to stand up, and told the more than 300 assembled MDs and other healthcare and EMF professionals, “I want to thank the Building Biologists for being here. And I want to say this: The new model for integrative medicine is going to have to be Building Biologists hand-in-hand [with health providers].” And she went on to encourage her audience to to meet and partner with our alumni.

Among the other speakers, addressing the theme of Diagnosis and Treatment: Effects of Electromagnetic Fields Exposure & The Impact of Today’s Wireless Technology (a Who’s-who of international EMF luminaries) were Olle Johansson, PhD; Magda Havis BSc, PhD; Peter Sierck, BBEC, EMRS; and Erica Mallery-Blythe MD. For a full list of speakers, click here. This first-of-its-kind conference was designed to teach medical providers how to recognize, evaluate, and treat signs and symptoms related to exposure to wireless radiation.

Our institute hosted a booth in the conference’s exhibition hall that was visited by hundreds of practitioners from around the world. We distributed free USB thumb drives with a 48-page PDF compilation of EMF factsheets, as well as documents introducing Building Biology and its 25 Principles. As a result, we now have a half dozen medical doctors enrolled in our certification programs so they can bring their Building Biology expertise to their individual practices.

The selfless volunteers “manning” our booth, along with Erik Rosen, our Director of Programs, were Liz Menkes, BBEC, EMRS; Karen Frederick, EMRS; and Monika Krajewska, EMRS. And thanks to three days of repeated recognition from the speakers’ podium, calling out the important role Building Biologists can play in helping practitioners’ patients recover their health and well-being, out booth and our hosting team was visited countless (we really did lose count) times.

We are so very grateful for the tireless efforts of our volunteers, and the excellent representation by our alumni.