Message from our Executive Director

What's new at our institute for May 2021

Our mentored correspondence course, IBE 101, has been rewritten from scratch with the most up to the minute science and technology across our institute’s three foundational principles: Natural Healthy Building Products and Practices, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Electromagnetic Radiation, and delivers a whole new learning experience for our students. We will be offering this new course for free to all students who have completed IBE 101’s prior iteration any time during the past two years. So, watch for our IBE launch announcement for 2021 later this month.

Our Indoor Environmental Quality Seminar, IBE 211, will be conducted entirely online this year. Topics will include: Principles and Philosophy of Building Biology; The Human Body – pathways of concern; Building Science; Building Physics; Indoor Climate; Biological, Chemical and Particulate exposures from air;  Biological, Chemical and Particulate exposures emanating from the ground;  Biological, Chemical and Particulate exposure from water. IBE 211 will feature prerecorded video lessons, daily online quizzes, scheduled live interactive Q&A sessions with your course instructor, Stephen Collette (Q&A sessions will be recorded for those unable to attend one or more live sessions), and an online, timed final exam. The student manual, PowerPoint, and other related materials will be available via the student’s online learning dashboard, and the seminar will conclude with the final exam. For more information, and/or to enroll or submit a deposit to hold your seat, please click here.

Our first seminar returning at last to being held live, on-site (COVID-permitting) is Electromagnetic Radiation, IBE 212, scheduled for 25 through 29 October 2021, at our fabulous new venue! Co-instructors Larry Gust and Rob Metzinger and their team are looking forward to welcoming you to the recently remodeled Kanuga Retreat & Conference Center, in Hendersonville, North Carolina. This venue has been thoroughly vetted by Diana Schultz, BBEC, EMRS to ensure its buildings and its surrounds meet or exceed Building Biology standards for a health-supporting environment. Please note that this will also herald the return of attendance limits to ensure that, as always, each student receives personalized instructor-led attention. IBE 212 is already enrolled to 2/3 capacity. For more info, please click here.

Our Building Physics/Building Biology Seminar for 2021, IBE 213, broke for the third year running its own record, with 74 students in attendance. Congratulations to our students and instructors alike for making our daily online sessions rich and fulling interactive learning experiences. Our IBE 213 instructors will be filming an IBE 213 fieldtrip, later this year, featuring an EcoNest designed and built home, which will be followed by an interactive Q&A session with co-instructors Paula Baker-Laporte and Stephen Collette, via Zoom.

To further sweeten IBE 213’s online experience, our Student Advisory Committee (SAC) will be hosting an interactive “happy hour” online (invitations will be going out soon, via e-mail), during which IBE 213 students can engage amongst themselves and exchange Building Biology theories and practices with our SAC, which is comprised of recent graduates of one or more of our professional certification programs.

Our Building Biology Advocate (BBA) program continues to be a huge success at Algonquin College, in Ottawa, Ontario. Algonquin matriculated its second session of students, recently, building our institute’s total BBA enrollment at Algonquin alone to more than 500 students!