Message from our Executive Director

What's new at our institute for July 2020!

As we continue to administer an abundance of caution, during this unprecedented health crisis, our first priority is the health and safety of our students and staff. To that end, we moved our recent seminar, IBE 211 Indoor Environmental Quality, online with a very successful result. Our next three scheduled seminars for 2020 have also been moved online, and we will continue to evaluate our in-person on-site seminar schedule, always keeping the safety of participants in mind.

For our IBE 212 Electromagnetic Radiation seminar, scheduled for August 31-September 4, we will be conducting the lecture, Q&A, and meter-use sessions online, and our on-site in-person labs, which are vital for a thorough understanding of EMR assessment and mitigation, are scheduled for subsequent dates. Our goal is to ensure each student gets the vital hands-on training that is so very essential, without undue delay, while minimize health risks to our staff and students.

Should you have questions or concerns about BBI policies or plans, contact us at

I am very pleased to announce that our institute is the grateful recipient of a second generous grant from Carroll Petrie Foundation. Those funds will be devoted to producing our new podcast series and writing at least one of the several new online courses we have planned, along with a free-to-the-public factsheet based on that course or courses’ content.

I am very pleased to announce that our institute is the grateful recipient of a grant from The Santo Family Donor Advised Program of the Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. Those funds will be devoted to writing new online course materials.

Our Course of the Month for July is Smart Meters, IBE 222.3, available throughout July 2020 for 50% off the published tuition. Click here for details and to enroll; to read our free Indoor Smart factsheet click here.

We will soon be posting a series of five free public service podcasts to our website, in partnership with Ron & Lisa Beres, the Healthy Home Dream Team™. Each podcast explores and explains the vital importance, during and after the current pandemic, and answers in real time listeners’ call-in questions. Watch our website and stay tuned to our e-mailed announcements for details about coming launch.

We gave away over $50,000.00 worth of online courses, during our recent thirty-day public service campaign, doing our part to help people remain vibrant, informed, and productive while they practiced social distancing. Most of those who availed themselves of this opportunity, selecting one free course from among our entire online curriculum, went on to peruse our website’s vast trove of always-free-to-the-public information: factsheets, videos, articles, downloads, whitepapers. And we’re working hard to continue our public service effort throughout July and beyond.

Our institute’s new Five-year Strategic Plan is hot off the presses! Our board’s Strategic Plan Subcommittee, led by Sonia Hoglander and Paula Baker-Laporte, put a great deal of thought, time, and research into bringing this comprehensive plan to fruition. And it’s now available to potential donors and grantors upon request.