Message from our Executive Director

What's new at our institute in December 2019!

Our institute is the grateful beneficiary of a generous grant from Tomchin Family Charitable Foundation. This gift enables us to move forward with a “back-burner” project that will advance our professional certification programs marketing platform and be fully operational in early in 2020. Please join BBI’s board of directors and me in extending heartfelt thanks to the foundation’s trustees.

Have you experienced our save-as-you-learn Course of the Month program? We offer a different online course each month at 50% off the published tuition rate. The more courses in which you enroll the more you save. Check out this month’s deal by clicking here.

Congratulations to the first seven students in our institute’s thirty-two year history to become certified Building Biology New-build Consultants (BBNC). The co-creators/co-instructors of our BBNC program, Paula Baker-Laporte and Stephen Collette found each of the seven students’ Final Projects – comprehensive theses on new construction or renovation design/build concepts for Building Biology compatible dwellings – to be beyond exemplary in demonstrating their mastery of Building Biology Principles. Our seven successful students, having qualified to undertake their Final Projects by first completing 104 hours of instructor-led seminars and IBE 101 Natural Healthy Buildings, are Andrew Guido, Diana Jabour, Lucie McCullough, Steven Rogers, Kate Somers, Nora Ureste, and Jamie Ward.

Interested in becoming BBNC certified? Click on the BBNC panel at the bottom of this page.

Here we come, Canada! Our 2020 Healthy Design Seminars – IBE 214 Indoor Environmental Quality For New Construction and IBE 215 Healthy Design & Community Planning – will be held on the campus of Algonquin College, in Ottawa, Canada. This will be our first ever seminar venture into The Great White (except it will be August) North, as part of our new academic partnership with Algonquin (with more colleges and universities to come). These two four-day seminars will be held back-to-back, with a one-day break in-between. For complete details, click on the IBE 214 and/or the IBE 215 panel at the bottom of this page.

I am very pleased to welcome Mitch Marchand, BSc., EE, EMRS to our team of seminar co-instructors. Mitch will be joining Larry Gust and Rob Metzinger as fellow co-instructor of our Advanced Electromagnetic Radiation Seminar, IBE 312. Larry, Rob and Mitch, along with their dedicated squad of Lab Leaders, are already hard at work updating our IBE 312 manual and PowerPoint for 2020. To learn more about Mitch, read his bio here.

More than a dozen of our institute-certified Building Biologists spent three remarkably informative days at the EMF Conference in Santa Clara, California, in September, and were treated to an incredible honorific: they were invited by Dr. Devra Davis, as she addressed over 300 MDs and other healthcare practitioners from the podium, to stand up so everyone in attendance would know them and seek them out! And Dr. Davis went on to say, “I want to thank these Building Biologists for being here … The new model for integrative medicine is going to have to be Building Biologists working hand-in-hand with healthcare providers.” And our presentation booth in the exhibit hall at this conference, “manned” by three members of our Mighty Corps of Volunteers, was thereafter swarmed by attendees. To read more about our booth and its volunteers, click here.

The coming year, it should be obvious by now, will be a full house of BBI events: four seminars in the beautiful foothills that overlook Santa Fe, New Mexico,and two back-to-back seminars in historic Ottawa, Canada. Surf our website to scope it all in, and, as always, feel free to reach out to us at: