Message from our Executive Director

What's new at our institute for November 2020

I am very pleased to announce that Annette Koch, BBEC, EMRS has joined our institute’s board of directors. In addition to her talents and skills Annette brings her intimate networking experiences with our potential and current students as co-chair of our Student Advisory Committee. Check out Annette’s bio, here.

Amicus Brief in Support of Landmark EMR Lawsuit:  Our board of directors and its team of alumni volunteers drafted and submitted an amicus brief to the US Court of Appeals for the District of Colombia Circuit, in support of a lawsuit that, if successful, will compel the FCC to review and update for the first time since 1996 its “health guidelines” for wireless communication devices. Click here to get the whole story.

Moving our seminars online this year calls for a shoutout for not only our instructors, each of whom devoted hundreds of additional hours to ensure that their seminars were meaningful and fulfilling educational experiences, but also to our nearly one hundred students for standing by us during this unusually challenging year and contributing wholeheartedly to incredibly vibrant and deeply informative online sessions.

Our last scheduled seminar for 2020, IBE 312 Advanced Electromagnetic Radiation is being offered twice – 17 through 21 November, and 06 through 10 December – to ensure our class sizes provide each student with an engaging and fluid online learning experience. There is still space available in both sessions. Click here for further information and to enroll.

Check out our new free online course, Kicking COVID-19 Where It Hurts, researched and written by Stephen Collette, BBEC, BBNC, LEED AP, CAHP, BSS. Its fourteen solutions-based topics will help boost both your spirits and your immunity. Click here to read it.

Our Course of the Month is Cellphones: Unsafe at any Speed, IBE 221.10, available throughout November 2020 for 50% off the published tuition. Click here for details and to enroll; to read our free supporting factsheet click here.

Eight of our ten free public service podcasts are available on our website, with two more to come soon. Join Ron & Lisa Beres, the Healthy Home Dream Team™, as they interview certified Building Biologists and outside experts, exploring and explaining every conceivable solution to creating a healthy home. Click here to get started.

Our students, donors, members, and environmentally conscious individuals who simply want to lend their support helped our institute create a free-to-the-public information trove of nearly eighty factsheets, whitepapers, articles, videos, and podcasts. But they weren’t free for our institute: every author and podcast personality were paid for their efforts. As this very challenging year nears its close, please consider visiting our website’s donation page by clicking here and submitting a 100% tax-deductible contribution of any amount to help us continue and expand our vital environmental mission.