Message from our Executive Director

What's new at our institute for June 2019!

Welcome to our new identity, our all new website, our all-new (as in written from scratch by our team of institute-certified experts, with input from recognized authorities on three continents) online courses, our new factsheets, videos, and articles, and our new “shopping-cart” checkout system that enables you to enroll in multiple curricula, purchase membership, and donate to our mission with a single transaction, using either your credit/debit card or your PayPal account or PayPal Credit (subject to credit approval by PayPal).

We believe you’ll find our new website to be eminently more user friendly and intuitive than our prior website, and chockful of free-to-the-public information on our three foundational standards: electromagnetic radiation, indoor air & water quality, and natural healthy building products. And I invite you to peruse our entire site, making use of its nearly 250 pages of vital content – plus dozens of informational downloads.

  • Start by clicking Home, at the top of this page.
  • Surf into our trove of invaluable content and curricula.
  • Get more Building Biology “woke” than you’ve ever been before.

I am also very pleased to announce our institute’s new partnership with Prithwe Institute and Vastuworld, of Pune, India, and with Algonquin College, of Ottawa, Canada. And invite you to visit often, as well as watch our monthly newsletter, EcoDwell, for collaborations to come that will further enrich your experience herein.

Lastly, we’ll soon be launching an international crowdfunding campaign, the goal of which is to raise the means to produce a solutions-based documentary film about the health hazards posed by electromagnetic radiation. Our documentary will feature real people in real-life situations solving real problems. For further information and updates on our fundraiser’s launch and progress visit the page on this very website, here.