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What's New at Our Institute for June 2023!

Paula Baker-Laporte is a bestseller! Paula’s book Prescriptions for a Healthy House, written with longtime Building Biology pioneer John Banta is rated #1 Seller on in two categories: Sustainability & Green Design and Home Design and Construction! Well deserved congratulations to Paula and John for their 4th edition that is far and away more comprehensive than their prior editions, weighing in at 398 pages. If you’ve already read one of their prior editions, you’ll want to add this deeply informative leviathan to your library. Here’s the link.

Our brand new online course: Design and Build Healing Home for Chemical Sensitivities, written by Paula Baker-Laporte (now famous) and architect Andrea Allen Sis. While everyone deserves a home and workplace free of environmental hazards, it is especially crucial for those who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS). This course offers suggestions for the special home design needs of people living with MCS. Read more about this comprehensive online self-study course and enroll today by clicking here.

Premiering Soon: Surrounded, a documentary/visual memoir. Watch the life-changing story of filmmaker Sam Wieder to see just how much is at stake for those who remain blind to the dangers of manmade radiation.  Hear from the experts who guided Sam to finally triumph over this mounting stress in our modern world.  To watch the film trailer and sign up for the upcoming online screening of Surrounded, go to:

Coming soon, our new advanced level seminar: IBE 311, Indoor Air & Water Quality Tools and Practices. Co-instructors: Stephen Collette (author) and Cathy Cooke.

Our Remaining Seminars for 2023!

12 through 16 June 2023: Indoor Environmental Quality, IBE 211 9online) has a few seats still available. Join co-instructors Stephen Collette and Cathy Cooke for an exploration of all the non-technology causes of sick house syndrome: biological, chemical, and particulate exposure sources in the air, the ground, and your water (mold, allergens, radon, lead, asbestos, metals, methane, carbon monoxide, volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds). This rerecorded seminar and its attendant live Q&A and review sessions will be held online, via Zoom, 12 through 16 June 2023. Watch Stephen’s Seminar overview video and enroll, click here.

12 through 15 October 2023: Indoor Environmental Quality for New Construction, IBE 214 (online). Join instructor Stephen Collette online for an in-depth 4-day exploration of practical information design and building professionals require for new construction and renovations in order to assure that their clients receive optimal healthy environments. The information is also relevant for anyone interested in creating their own healthy spaces with a solid understanding of both air quality and electromagnetics. To download this seminar’s syllabus and/or to enroll, click here.

17 through 20 October 2023: Indoor Environmental Quality for New Construction, IBE 214 (online). Join co-instructors Paula Baker-Laporte and Andrea Allen Sis online for an in-depth 4-day exploration of Building Biology’s broad spectrum of design principles and applications for design and building professionals. It is also a beneficial course study for homeowners with a special interest in creating healthy environments for their family. To download this seminar’s syllabus and/or to enroll, click here.

11 through 15 December 2023: Electromagnetic Radiation, IBE 212 Join instructors Larry Gust and Rob Metzinger online for an in-depth 4-day exploration of techniques for measurement and mitigation of manmade electromagnetic radiation (EMR); EMR is demonstrated with practical examples and case studies based on actual home inspections. Particular emphasis is placed on EMR in the bedroom. Students learn by doing hands-on measurement under direct personal supervision in a lab environment. Lab time is approximately 50% of total class time. To download this seminar’s syllabus and/or to enroll, click here.

Our 16-module EMR webinar series is live online, featuring a deeply comprehensive series of sixteen videos on how to identify and mitigate Microsurge Electrical Pollution (MEP), aka Dirty Electricity. All 16 modules are available, written and produced by Advanced EMR Seminar co-instructor Mitch Marchand, EE, EMRS. Mitch’s 16 modules convey 10 BBI Continuing Education Units (CEUs). To learn more and to enroll click here.

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