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Our courses at a glance

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Our Guided Correspondence Course

IBE 101: Natural Healthy Buildings

Electromagnetic Radiation Courses

Residential MEP (Dirty Electricity) Webinar

Microsurge Electrical Pollution (MEP)

Smart Meters

5G: Understanding The Technology & Protection Strategies

EMR Science

EMR Health

EMR Solutions

EMR Research

Cellphones: Unsafe at any Speed

Baby Monitors

The Human Response to Light

Electric Lighting: Options and Health Impacts

Indoor Environmental Quality

IAQ for You: An Introduction to Indoor Air Quality

Managing Moisture in the Home

Vetting Materials

Water Quality & Treatment

Indoor Climate Overview


Healthy Design & Building

Designing a Bathroom for Wellness

Designing a Home for Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Light-frame Construction

Community Planning: Cities in Crisis

Community Planning: Exemplary Case Studies

Community Planning: Incorporating Building Biology

Community Planning: Roadmap For Sustainability

Designing A Kitchen For Wellness

Electrical Home Wiring