CATEGORY: Electromagnetic Radiation

5G: Technology & Protection Strategies

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Topics include differentiating 5G from prior technologies, the massive expansion of current infrastructure, the health hazards and effects, how to identify and mitigate the hazards to health that 5G presents.

This course explores how 5G, soon to be implemented, differs from previous generations of cellular technology. It will show what would remain the same and what would be new; what frequencies would be used and how companies intend to meet the goals of this new generation of technology; what are those needs and why have they developed? Your learning will focus on how this new technology could affect your health, and what you could do for protection, particularly if you are Electromagnetically Sensitive. We also propose ways to join the dedicated activists who have devoted significant time to organizing and spreading the word about the dangers of new and existing wireless technology, including 5G.